Information related to Vigilance and Security Section

1 H.O.MUMBAI Asstt.Director (Head Quarter) Hongkong Bank Building
& Prakashgad Building
Vigilance,Security & Enforcement Offices
Exe.Engineer (Enforcement) Director V & S
2 MUMBAI REGION Asstt.Director (Vigilance) Kalyan Kalyan Vigilance Unit
Bhandup Vigilance Unit
Nashik Vigilance Unit
Dhule Vigilance Unit
Bhandup Flying Squad
Washi Flying Squad
Thane Flyiing Squad
Palghar Flying Squad
Nashik Flying Squad
Dhule Flying Squad
Pen Flying Squad
Bhivandi Flying Squad
Ahmednagar Flying Squad
Kalyan Flying Squad
Kalwa Recg.Stn.(Sec.Unit)
Dy.Director (VSE) Mumbai Region Director V & S
Asstt.Director (Sec) Nashik T.P.S. Nashik T.P.S.Uran G.T.P.S.Padaghe H.V.D.C.(Sec.Unit)Vaitarna H.P.S.
3 PUNE REGION Asstt.Director (Vigilance) Pune Pune Vigilance Unit
Kolhapur Vigilance Unit
Sangli Vigilance Unit
Solapur Viglance Unit
Jalgaon Vigilance Unit
Ratnagiri Vigilance Unit
Pune (U) Flying Squad
Pune (R) Flyinig Squad
Pimpri Flying Squad
Satara Flying Squad
Sangli Flying Squad
Solapur Flying Squad
Ratnagiri Flyinig Squad
Kolhapur Flying Squad
Jalgaon Flying Squad
Sindhudurg Flyinig Squad
Pophli H.P.S.
Veer H.P.S.
Bhatghar H.P.S.
Dy.Director (VSE) Pune Rigion Director V & S
Asstt.Director (Vigilance) Aurangabad Aurangabad Vigilance Unit
Nanded Vigilance Unit
Latur Vigilance Unit Aurangabad Flying Squad
Osmananbad Flying Squad
Nanded Flyinig Squad
Jalna Flying Squad
Beed Flying Squad
Latur Flying Squad
Parbhani Flying Squad
Parli T.P.S.
Eldari H.P.S.
Bhusawal T.P.S.
4 NAGPUR REGION Asstt.Director (Vigilance) Nagpur Nagpur Vigilance Unit
Amravati Vigilance Unit
Akola Vigilance unit Chandrapur Vigilance Unit
Nagpur (U) Flying Squad
Nagpur (R) Flying Squad
Amravati Flyinig Squad
Chandrapur Flying Squad
Buldana Flying Squad
Bhandara Flyinig Squad
Wardha Flying Squad
Akola Flying Squad
Yeotmal Flyinig Squad
Dy.Director (V.S.E) Nagpur Region Director V & S
Asstt.Director (Sec.) Koradi T.P.S. Koradi T.P.S.
Khaperkheda T.P.S.
Paras T.P.S.
Asstt.Director (Sec) Chandrapur T.P.S Chandapur T.P.S.H.V.D.C. Chandapur (Sec.Unit)

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