Amaravati Zone 2017

Case No. Date of registration of grievance Name of Consumer & Address Consumers Grievance in brief Date on which order passed View / Download
01/2017 10/01/2017 M/S Indus Tower Ltd,PUNE AT .PANDHARKAWAD,GHATANJI Dist. Yavatamal Grievance pertaining to refund of S.D.,SOP,etc 18/02/2017 Download now
02/2017 21/01/2017 M/S JSQ Ginning Factory, At S. No. 86, Mouze Lakhad, Akot Road, Anjangaon(Surji) Dist.Amravati Change of tariff,SOP Cmpensation and refund of HT Metering Cubicles prize with labour and transportation charges 21/03/2017 Download now
03/2017 21/01/2017 M/S STAB Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd.,MIDC,PLOT NO. F-20,AMRAVATI Refund of electricity duty collected illegally from 01/04/2004 t0 June 2015 with interest. 21/03/2017 Download now
04/2017 21/01/2017 M/S Petro Chem. Industries, MIDC, PLOT NO. F-20/2,Near Bye Pass Road,Amravati. Refund of electricity duty collected illegally from 01/04/2004 to June 2015 with interest and reduction in load from second billing cycle with SOP Compensation. 21/03/2017 Download now
05/2017 08/02/2017 MR. Sachin Shriramji Khedekar ,Survey no.88/4,Mauje Revsa, Plot No. 3A3B,Near Radhaswami Satsang byas, walgaon Road, AMRAVATI. To abrupt reclassification in tariff and billing thereof. 24/03/2017 Download now
06/2017 18-03-2017 Shri Nandlal Kantaparasad Kanoj ,c/o Kanoj Aqua Cool,Gawalipura, Dhamangaon(Rly), Dist. Amravati.Dist. Yavatamal Abrut reclassification in tariff & billing thereof 28-05-2017 Download now
07/2017 29-04-2017 M/S Indus Tower Ltd.Pune at Chikhaldara ,Dist. Amravati Refund of security deposit with interest & SOP Compensation. 21-06-2017 Download now
08/2017 29-06-2017 M/S Agrawal Poha Mill, Rani Zhashi Square, Chapmanwadi, Tq. & Dist. Yavatmal. Accounting of security deposit with interest inconsumer personal ledger and payment of interest on excess amount utilized by MSEDCL 29-06-2017 Download now
09/2017 27-06-2017 M/S Raviraj Industries, Rani Janshi chowk,Chapmanwadi, Tq. & Dist. Yavatmal. Refund of meter cost with interest, security deposit with interest & SOP Compensation,revision of bill for excess FAC charge collected refund of excess FAC with interest. 27-06-2017 Download now
10/2017 28-06-2017 Shri.Yashwant Vittalsa Nakod, kazipura,Near police station , Ajangaon(Surji),Dist. Yavatmal Billing complained 29-06-2017 Download now
11/2017 28-06-2017 Shri. Yashwant Amrut Dharnee, Khadkipura, Panati,Infront of Ramdev Gujar House, Ajangaon(Surji),Dist. Amravati Billing Complained 29-06-2017 Download now
12/2017 28-06-2017 Shri. Vittalsa R. Nakod, Swakarpura,Ajangaon(Surji), Dist. Amravati Billing complained 29-06-2017 Download now
13/2017 28-06-2017 Shri. Deepak Ashokrao Wankhede,Near Natraj Hotel, Khodgaon Road, Ajangaon(Surji),Dist. Amravati. Billing Complained 29-06-2017 Download now
14/2017 28-06-2017 Mrs. Chandrakala Kisanrao patil, Panatai,Near Uttamrekate House, post. Ajangaon(Surji),Dist. Amravati. Billing Complained 29-06-2017 Download now
15/2017 15-07-2017 M/S Princess,Prop. Shri S.W. Khemachandani. Jiastambha Chowk, Amravati Difference in Fixed Charge due to wrong feeding of connected load 30-12-2017 Download now
16/2017 21-08-2017 Shri Bhushan Vijayrao Tasare, Kewal Colony,Shegaon Rahatgaon Road ,Amravati Change of tariff from Commercial to Industrial 11-12-2017 Download now
17/2017 17-08-2017 Shri Madhukar Chandrabhanji Chakranarayana At Sukali Post Lotwada Tq Daryapur Distt. Amravati Billing Complaint for excess bill 30-12-2017 Download now
18/2017 26-09-2017 M/S Gharrakul Industries Pvt.Ltd. C-42,MIDC Area, Amravati Old P.D. Arrears on premises and billing thereof 30-12-2017 Download now
19/2017 19-12-2017 M/s Raja Oil Industries, Amravati Grievance pertaining to excess billing due to power factor penalty 09-02-2018 Download now
20/2017 22-12-2017 Shri Shaikh Usman Shaikh Khalil Survey No 114, Navsari CHowk ,Amravati Grievance pertaining to non release of IP connection 17-02-2018 Download now

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