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Answer : As per condition of supply, all State Electricity Boards are empowered to collect security deposit from their consumers.
Security Deposit is necessary because all consumer pay their bill after consumption of electricity. They pay only after they receive bill for their consumption in previous month. They are also given a period of 10 to 15 days to pay the bill. Even if any consumer does not pay the bill, his supply can be cut only after serving him a notice and after giving a period of 15 days to make the payment. Thus a non – paying consumer can use electricity for about 2 months. To avoid losses in such cases, security deposit equivalent to electricity consumption of one month is collected from every monthly billed domestic consumer. This period may vary as per the duration of the billing.
Lately, MSEDCL has revised his tariff. So, additional security deposit as per revised tariff is necessary. It may also be mentioned here that MSEDCL pays interest on the security deposit of Rs. 50 or more at the rate equal to the post office saving bank rate as may be in the force from time to time.

Answer :

  1. The prospective consumer should be lawful owner / occupier of premises.
  2. He should apply in A-1 form at the section office domestic/commercial and for industrial at Sub-division/division along with no objection certificate required
  3. After load survey, he will be given quotation for payment of charges which includes Service connection charges , Service Line Charges, Security deposit etc.
  4. After payment of above charges the consumer will submit a Test report from the Licensed electrical contractor for the wiring.
  5. The service connection will be released as per the chronological order.

Answer : After installation the billing section is supplied with data containing Meter details, initial meter reading . As per the predetermined cyclic order the first bill is issued. The bills are issued monthly, bimonthly and quarterly for Domestic, non-domestic, industrial, Agricultural consumers. The payment of bills is to be made as per the last due date shown on the bill.

Answer : For increasing the sanctioned load the domestic, commercial and industrial (LT) consumers should apply to the concerned Sectional and Sub-divisional in charge. The HT consumers should apply to the Superintending Engineer. After confirming the feasibility, the load is sanctioned and the quotation is issued which includes additional Service Line Charges, Security deposit.

Answer : The consumption depends on the capacity of appliance and period for which it is in use. The following link will help you to Know your estimated consumption.

Answer :

    1. In case of failure of supply the consumer has to contact the nearest fuse-off call center either on Telephone or in person to lodge a complaint or he has to call the call center in that area. The complaint registers are kept at various convenient location .The consumer has to lodge a complaint by giving details like, Name, Location, Consumer No., and Pole No. for easy access to MSEDCL employees. MSEDCL is not charging any extra charges for attending fuse-off-call complaints.
    2. If, there is a major fault, the electric supply of complete area goes off, it may take some longer duration for restoration of Supply.
    3. If, there is some anomaly in the energy bill like Wrong reading, arrears amount shown though the bill is paid , etc. the consumer may contact to the nearest MSEDCL office & bring the anomaly to notice of concerned for rectification. In Urban areas Division office is dealing with the billing complaints and in Rural areas the Distribution Center or Subdivision office are dealing the billing problems. ( For more information)
    4. If, there is abnormal delay in settling the complaints lodged consumer may contact to Higher officers in their office on any working days.
    5. MSEDCL is providing their fuse man at Consumers premise , if desired by the consumer, at nominal prescribed rates for some special occasions for early restoration of electric supply.

Answer :

  1. Consumer should install safety equipments like Earth leakage / overload & short circuit protection ( circuit breakers / switches ) near point of supply.
  2. Healthy earthing should be installed at your premises.
  3. ISI marked cables and equipments of proper capacity should be used for installation and wiring should be done through only licensed Electrical Contractors.
  4. Always use proper capacity fuse wire in main switches.
  5. For rectification of faults in your installations, call licensed electrical contractors only. For any difficulty related to electricity supply, always contact MSEDCL authorities at their offices.
  6. Do not connect multiple equipments to a single point out lay to avoid excess loading. Avoid loose connections and joints.
  7. Do not use bare wires for extending supply from one point to other or from one premises to other premises. It is hazardous and causes accidents. Do not meddle with live wires / points. It may cost your life.

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