Bill Format


Sr.No. Title File
1 LT Bill Format
2 LTIP bill Format
3 LTIP bill with Net Meter (Solar Rooftop)
4 HT Bill Format/LT-IP Bill Format
5 HT Open Access Bill Format
6 HT Solar Bill Format

Deatils given on your Bill Format

1 Find your account related details i.e. your name, address, account number, bill date, your tariff category, type of supply etc.
2 Find your bill amount, billing month and due date for payments. Also view your bill summary – amount charged, your previous payment due if any,
3 Find your electricity consumption pattern during last 12 months. These are your consumption patterns depending upon seasonal fluctuations.
4 Find our toll free number, details of customer care center in your area, website address, email id and details.
5 Find your bill receipt & payment details that you get once you have made payment.
6 Find your consumption detail & your bill amount calculation for the current month.
7 Find your tariff structure and the tariff slab applicable as per your consumption. You can closely watch your consumption and avoid falling into the higher slab rate by conserving energy in your own way.

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