• Honoured with The National Energy Conservation Award 2014 organized by the Central Power Ministry for its contribution in the field of energy conservation.
  • Taking a note of the remarkable work done by Mahavitaran in the power sector, the Central Ministry of Power recognized it with the A ranking.
  • Won the 6th Indian Power Award 2013 by the Council of Power Utility, Delhi for the various works done by the Company.
  • With the help of the R – APDRP Scheme, Mahavitaran took various measures to effectively reduce the distribution losses and to give excellent service to its consumers by using sophisticated technologies.
  • With the help of Information Technology, Mahavitaran incorporated innovative ideas in administration. Taking a note of this work, the Maharastra Government recognized Mahavitaran with the bronze medal for the year 2012 – 2013.
  • Recognized with the Iconic Insight Award orchestrated by the International Data Corporation for best IT based Consumer Services by Mahavitaran
  • The Institution of Engineers also felicitated the Testing division of Nagpur and Aurangabad for the remarkable performance of the Quality and Control department.
  • Bestowed with the Best Employer of the year and Best Organisation and Staff Development by the World HRD Congress 2014.
  • Conferred with the Asia Pacific HRM Award 2014.
  • Won the second place Power Excellence Award – 2013 by the Kolkata Chamber of Commerce.
  • Won the Golden Leap Vault Award organized by the Institute of Social Science.
Mahavitarans Initiative recognized by National Award:

A variety of innovative and effective activities are implemented by Mahavitaran. These initiatives have been recognized by other State Power utilities and by the Central Power Ministry and also won the National Level Awards.

Through the R – APDRP scheme and by employing the State of the art technologies, Mahavitaran is trying to give better services to its consumers. It has also helped significantly in loss reduction. It has implemented innovative governance with the help of Information technology. The Government of Maharashtra felicitated Mahavitaran with the Bronze trophy in 2012 – 13.

Empowering the Consumer