MSEDCL’s Comments on Draft Regulations/ Rules

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1 MERC (Fees and Charges) Regulations, 2017 Amendments in various fees & charges of MERC. 27.02.2017
2 MERC (Net Metering for Roof-top Solar Photo Voltaic Systems) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2017 Various amendments in
1. Shifting on Gross Metering
2. Visibility of Roof Top RE Installation
3. Grid penetration Quantum
4. Technical Issues
5. Solar Generation Meter
6. Definition of Premises
7. Stranded Distribution Capacity
8. Applicable Charges etc
17.06.2017 and 20.06.2017
3 MERC (Multi Year Tariff) Regulations, 2017. Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Multi Year Tariff) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2017. (O & M expenses) 26.10.2017
4 CERC (Grant of Connectivity and General Network Access) Regulations, 2017 To address the issues raised by transmission planning agencies, system operator, Ministry of Power, stakeholders including generating companies, transmission licensees, STUs, DISCOMS as well as power system experts. 14.11.2017

and additional submission on


5 Textile Policy GoM Resolution: Policy 2017/CR6/Text-5 17.02.2018 issued by Co-operation, Marketing and Textile Department. 09.03.2018
6 Flexibility In Generation MoP mechanism on flexibility and scheduling of Thermal Power plants. 14.03.2018
7 MERC (Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement for Solar and Wind Generation) Regulations 2018 To facilitate Grid integration of Wind and Solar energy generated in Maharashtra while maintaining Grid stability and security as envisaged under the State Grid Code and the Act, through forecasting, scheduling and a mechanism for the settlement of deviations by such Generators. 27.02.2018
8 Electricity Bill, 2018. Protection to employees in case offence alleged to have been committed by them in connection with affairs of the MSPGCL, MSETCL and MSEDCL being the Government Companies, while acting or purporting to act in the discharge of his official duties under this Act.
Yet not notified.
9 Electricity Rules, 2005 Draft amendments in Electricity Rules (with respect to Captive Generating Plants) 2005 22.05.2018
Yet not notified.
10 National Tariff Policy, 2016 Various amendments in National Tariff Policy- mainly with respect to Open Access. 30.05.2018
11 CERC Terms and Conditions of Tariff w.e.f. 01.04.2019 Terms and Conditions of Tariff for the tariff period commencing from 1st April, 2019 – Consultation Paper thereof. 24.05.2018
Based on Suggestions, CERC issued Draft Regulations on 14.12.2018 and issued final Regulations on dated 07.03.2019
12 CERC Deviation Settlement Mechanism (4th Amendment) Regulations, 2018 To amend the CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism and related matters) Regulations, 2014. 29.06.2018
13 MERC Generic Tariffs for Renewable Energy for FY 2018-19 Determination of Generic Tariffs for Renewable Energy for FY 2018-19 09.07.2017
14 MoP Concept Note on Merit Order Operation For flexibility in Generation and Scheduling of Thermal Power Stations to reduce the cost of power to the consumer. 17.07.2018
15 Discussion Paper on “Re-Designing Real Time Electricity Market in India” For actions in terms of improvements in market operations closer to real time, to better harness not only the intermittent RE, but also for optimal utilization of resources in the intra-day time horizon. 25.07.2018
16 CERC (Grant of Connectivity, Long-term Access and Medium-term Open Access in inter-State Transmission and related matters) (Seventh Amendment) Regulations, 2018 To amend the CERC (Grant of Connectivity, Long-term Access and Medium-term Open Access in inter-State Transmission and related matters) Regulations 09.08.2018
17 CERC (Open Access in inter-State Transmission) (Fifth Amendment) Regulations, 2018. To amend the CERC (Open Access in inter-State Transmission) Regulations 08.08.2018
18 Amendment in Tariff Policy For Simplification of Tariff categories and rationalisation of retail tariff 10.09.2018
19 Early installation of Pollution control equipment CEA’s recommendation regarding incentive to Thermal Power Plants for early installation of Pollution control equipment 26.09.2018
20 MERC MoD Guidelines Guidelines for the operation of Merit Order Despatch (MOD) 02.10.2018
21 CERC Discussion Paper on Re-designing Ancillary Services Mechanism To assess performance of the current framework of frequency support and balancing ancillary services mechanism in India and to suggest next generation reforms by way of introduction of auction based procurement of Ancillary Services 06.09.2018
22 MERC DSM Regulations, 2018 To review the existing balancing and settlement mechanism and introduce the Deviation Settlement Mechanism in the Maharashtra 23.10.2018
23 Amendment to Electricity Act 2003. MoP has proposed the Amendment to Electricity Act 2003. 07.09.2018

Additional Comments on 27.11.2018
24 CERC Terms and Conditions of Tariff w.e.f. 01.04.2019 Determination of Terms and Conditions of Tariff w.e.f. 01.04.2019 to 31.3.2024. 14.12.2018
Annexture A
25 Discussion Paper on “Re-designing of Day-ahead Market (DAM) in India” For discussion on functioning of the electricity market on a day-ahead time horizon and schedule and dispatch all generation purely on economic principles, subject to technical constraints. 31.12.2018

26 MERC Generic Tariffs for Renewable Energy for FY 2019-20 Determination of Generic Tariffs for Renewable Energy for FY 2019-20 01.03.2019
27 MoP Draft Guidelines for Short Term Sale of Power by Power Generating Company and Distribution Licensee through Tariff based bidding process. For better availability of power to the consumers. 06.03.2019
28 Amendment to the MERC (Distribution Open Access) Regulations, 2016 Considering amending the provisions related to mainly eligibility, banking, revision of Contract Demand, treatment for levy of Transmission Charges and wheeling charges etc., of Distribution Open Access 11.03.2019
29 Guidelines for implementation of Scheme for farmers for installation of solar pumps and grid connected solar power plants. Developing decentralized renewable power and replace Agriculture Diesel pumps with Solar Water pumps and Solarise Grid connected Agriculture pumps to reduce dependence of these pumps on conventional sources of energy supplied by DISCOMs and thus reducing their burden of subsidy on agriculture consumption of Electricity. 13.03.2019
30 CERC Deviation Settlement Mechanism (5th Amendment) Regulations, 2019 To amend the CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism and related matters) Regulations, 2014 18.04.2019
31 CERC Coal price index compilation For revision of methodology for computation of escalation indices for the non-coking coal used in power generation. 25.04.2019
32 MERC Proposed Sampling methodology and Field survey approach for Agricultural Consumption Analysis study. The working group formed by the Hon’ble Commission for Ag consumption study has prepared detailed sampling methodology and Field survey approach for Agricultural Consumption Analysis study 06.05.2019
Annexure I – Survey Questionnaire
33 MERC Wind Zone Classification MERC vide Public notice dated 09.05.2019 has invited comments on MEDA report dated 28.02.19 and MSEDCL’s submission dated 22.04.19. 28.02.2019 (vide Notice dated 09.05.2019)
34 MERC MYT Regulations, 2019 For determination of Aggregate Revenue Requirement, Tariff, and Fees and Charges of MSLDC in all matters from April 1, 2020 up to March 31, 2025. 28.05.2019
35 CERC Trading Regulations, 2019 To specify the terms and conditions for grant of trading licence. 24.07.2019
36 CERC Framework for Real Time Market for Electricity Draft amendments to the enabling provisions in CERC IEGC, Power Market and Open Access Regulations. 06.08.2019
05.09.2019 Additional Comments on dated 23.09.2019
37 CERC Sharing of Revenue Derived from Utilization of Transmission Assets for Other business Regulations, 2019 Sharing of Revenue in case transmission licensee proposes to undertake Other Business for optimum utilization of its assets 25.09.2019


38 SLDC Draft Forecasting and Scheduling Procedure Revised Procedure as per MERC directives vide order dated 30.09.2019 24.10.2019


39 MERC RE Tariff Regulations, 2019 Terms and Conditions for Determination of Renewable Energy Tariff. 26.10.2019


40 MERC RPO Regulations, 2019 To specify a percentage for procurement of energy generated from Renewable Energy sources on the basis of total consumption of electricity within the area of a Distribution Licensee. 26.10.2019


41 MERC Solar Rooftop Regulations, 2019 These Regulations would apply to: (a) Net Metering Arrangements; (b) Net Billing Arrangements; (c) Renewable Energy Generating Systems connected behind the Consumer’s meter. 26.10.2019


42 CERC (Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges and Losses) Regulations, 2019 These regulations shall apply to all Designated ISTS Customers, Inter-State Transmission Licensees, National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC), Regional Load Despatch Centres (RLDCs), State Load Despatch Centres (SLDCs) and Regional Power Committees (RPCs). 31.10.2019


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