लातूर परिमंडळ २०१९

Case No. & Date Description of matter Complainant Order Date View / Download
1/2019 M/S Sejal Agro Industries Conn No.623840001854 Download now
2/2019 M/S Sandeep Dall Industries Conn No.623840001838 Download now
3/2019 Shri. Trimbak Bhimrao Pawar Conn No.591140219604 Download now
4/2019 M/S Indus Towers ltd. Conn No.589060390049 Download now
5/2019 Shri. Medpalle Prakashappa Bhimrao Conn No.610550781801 Download now
6/2019 M/S Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.589060328076 Download now
7/2019 M/S Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.589060333622 Download now
8/2019 M/S Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.589060365869 Download now
9/2019 M. Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.582980596321 Download now
10/2019 M. Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.579000394970 Download now
11/2019 M. Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.579011138363 Download now
12/2019 M. Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.576017377565 Download now
13/2019 Shri. Kamal Prakash Dhage Conn No.589060391975 Download now
14/2019 M. Indus Towers Ltd. Conn No.622010506001 Download now
15/2019 M. Indus Towers ltd. Conn No.610551392221 Download now
16/2019 M. Indus Towers ltd. Conn No.610550535923 Download now
17/2019 Shri. Bandu Budhaji Chavhan Conn No.576017307524 Download now
20/2019 Shri. Sidram Aaba Kharat. Conn. No. 590030130881 Download now
22/2019 Shri. Mansur Shabbir Sayyad Conn. No. 627230410707 Download now
18/2019 Principal Yogeshwari Polytechnic, Conn. No. 571010014449 Download now
19/2019 Judgment in case no.19/2019 Principal. Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya, Conn. No. 571010079435 Download now
21/2019 Judgment in case no.21/2019 Shri. Mahadev Sopan Bakke , Conn. No. 596520208534 Download now

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