Vigilance Circulars

Subject Reference No.
Circular: Transfering administrative control of S&E office & Flying Squad offices from S&E region office Aurangabad to S&E region office Kokan. ED/S&E/MPR 96/00179 dtd 04/04/2019
Circular: Surprise visit to various offices of S&E by officers of Corporate Office and S&E region offices. dtd 15/10/2018
Revision in Instructions for Conducting inquiry of detected theft cases dtd 02/04/2018
Reward Circular. dtd 02/01/2018
Functioning chart / Work allocation corporate office (Security and Enforcement Dept.)
Circular no. 789 dt 21.07.2017 regarding procedure to be followed for logding of FIR.
Circular No. 744 dt 13.07.2017 regarding hiring and deployment of security guard
Govt Notification of formation of Spl. MSEDCl Police station dt 01.07.2006
Circular No39 dt 05.01.2011 Duties of Vigilance personnel on security
Circular No.992 dt 09.04.2009 Target for Completion Enq
Circular No. 2562 dt 29.12.2010 Attending the references of direct requests
Circular No 899 dt 30.05.2011 Vigilance Enquiry in Theft of Energy cases
Circular No 68 dt 19.01.2017 Forwarding of crime report
Circular No 544 dt 22.03.2011 annual insp of vigilance and Flying Squad units
Circular No 38 dt 05.01.2011 To Conduct Enquaries in theft of energy cases
Circular No 359 dt 24.02.2011 Assessment of installations
Circular No 186 dt 22.01.2007 Guidlines for issue of I cards (2)
Circular No 1854 dt 04.09.2010 Procedure for handling pending Cases
Circular No 1688 dt 05.07.2008. To Lodge the Theft Cases at Local Police Stations
Circular No 1491 dt 31.08.2012 Cancellation of clause No. 4.4.0 of code of commercial instructions
Circular No 1473 dt 30.08.2012 Proactive vigilance Activity Target
Circular No 1252 dt 17.12.2016 Action to be taken in case of detection of unauthorised use by HT Consumer
Circular No 1210 dt 05.12.2016 Reallocation of Zonal S and E units
Circular No 1192 dt 03.06.2010 Targets to be acheive by Dy Directors and Asst Dir
Circular No 1167 dt 02.06.2010 Guidlines for conducting preliliminary discrete and open Enq
Circular No 1151 dt 18.11.2016 Information of collusion by Company Staff in Theft cases
Circular No 633 dt 02.04.2012 Theft Enquiry Time limit
Vigilance Circulars

Empowering the Consumer