Ease of Doing Business

Point No. Recommendation
280 Ensure that Discoms uses automated tools to monitor outages in all Industrial areas of State
281 Ensure that Discoms uses automated tools for service restoration in all Industrial areas of State.
282 Ensure that the regulator publishes data quarterly regarding total duration and frequency of outages on-line in public domain.
283 Ensure that total outage cap is fixed by regulator for a quarter/year and the Discoms compensates customers for outages that go over the fixed cap automatically.
284 Ensure that information on effective tariffs are available on-line, and that customers are notified of a change in tariff ahead of the billing cycle.
285 Reduce the number of documents required for obtaining the electricity connection to only two, namely proof of ownership/occupancy and authorization document (in case of firm/company).
286 Allow third party inspection of internal installations and ensure that majority of users use it.
287 Ensure that users are provided a fixed cost estimate based on the load (KVA/KW) required for obtaining electricity connection in all industrial areas of State.
288 Implement a system that allows submission of on-line application, on-line payment and tracking of status without the need for a physical touch point for document submission for new electricity connection and mandate that all applications are submitted on-line.
289 Stipulate that charged electrical connections (up to 150 KVA) is provided within Seven days (where no ‘Right of Way’ (RoW) is required) and in Fifteen days where RoW is required from concerned agencies.
292 Allow third parties to easily verify the authenticity of electricity connections and respective premise/entity/individual through on-line system in the public domain
293 Simplification regarding documents to be submitted along with application for Industrial power supply

Empowering the Consumer