MSEDCL Compliance For Point No 281

  • MSEDCL is implementing, SCADA /DSM under RAPDRP in 8 towns.
  • The system is operational in Amaravati, Solapur, Malegaon, Kolhapur and Sangali Cities.
  • In other Three Cities (Greater Mumbai, Pune and Nashik) the work is in final stage. It will be completed by Oct 2017.
  • The monitoring of power supply and outages is done by MSEDCL using Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and data sent by Meter Data Acquisition (MDAS)
  • MSEDCL is using “Mobile App” effectively. Consumer gets automated SMS for the estimated outage period; Consumer gets SMS for the estimated service restoration period.
  • Concerned MSEDCL staff also gets SMS.

Empowering the Consumer