देयक व महसूल – परिपत्रक व पत्र

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01 Guidelines with regard to mutation of names of Electric Meters on the basis of unregistered Hiba (Oral Gift) / Hibanama under Muslimn Personal Law
02 Implementation of auto initiation of Change of Name applications received through IGR (Inspector General of Registration) system
03 Role And Responsibilities Of Field Offices In Arrears Recovery
04 Procedures of the recovery of arrears
05 Guidelines regarding PD procedure and monitoring there off. Ref-CE(B&R)/02931 dtd 02.02.2023
06 Monitoring of Meter Reading Agency performance & processing of bills thereof. REF-ED/B&R/CBIS/GUIDELINES/05887 dtd 22.02.23
07 Extension to the PD Amnesty Scheme-2022 (VDAY) for HT /LT Non AG consumers. Ref-CE(B&R)/PD Amnesty Scheme-2022/ 026195 Date: 04/10/2022
08 Onsite Audit of New Connections. Ref-CE/B&R/Circular/NSC Audit/ 01866 DATE: 17.01.2024
09  Vilasrao Deshmukh Abhay Yojana” for recovery of PD arrears from all PD HT/LT Consumers(Excluding AG). Ref- CE/B&R/ VDAY/Circular/5610 dtd 07.03.2022
10 New installment Policy for, Live/ TD / PD, HT and LT Consumers (excluding AG) under MSEDCL.Ref-CE/B&R/Installment Policy/19409 dtd 13/11/2020
11 Amendment & extension to the installment policy for Non Ag Consumers. Ref-CE(B&R)/Installment Policy/Circular/No. 00883 Date:12.01.2022
12 Corrigendum to Installment policy for Non-Ag Consumers. Ref-CE(B&R)/Instalment Policy/ Circular/5609 Date: 07/03/2022

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