चाचणी परिपत्रके

Subject Date
Circular No-14 Auto approval of contract demand reduction for HT consumers 27/05/2024
Approved agencies for supply of LT/HT Meters directly to consumers 07/11/2023
Circular No-13 Guidelines for connecting HV spare cables in parallel with the Main cable 30/08/2020
Earthing of HT Metering Cubicle 16/01/2020
Circular No-11 Failure of Power Transformers and need to follow maintenance schedule thereof 21/07/2020
Implementation of CEA guideline for Validity period of type test 22/06/2020
Testing Circular -09 Utilizing dry type resin cast Metering/protection CTs &PTs and stoppage of oil filled CTs/PTs in r/o MSEDCL’s HT consumer and Substations thereof 18/06/2020
Revised Guidelines regarding Metering in respect of HT/EHV/Open Access consumers 25/02/2020
Utilization of ABT meter (SEM) for HT roof-top Solar Generation projects 25/02/2020
Approval for use of latest technology material in MSEDCL i.e. Natural Ester, HT Covered conductor and Fault Passage Indicator 04/12/2019
Amendment AB switch circular 26/11/2019
Circular for Stipulation of Transformer Capacity while load sanction in respect of HT consumers 12/04/2019
Inspection and testing of electrical installations upto notified voltage as per Reg.30 & Reg. 43 of CEA (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations 2010, amended on 2015 and amended on 2018.Circular for Stipulation of Transformer Capacity while load sanction in respect of HT consumers 19/08/2019
Providing AB switches at 11/22/33kV HT consumers Installation for isolation. 19/08/2019
Circular : Guidelines for proper installation of 40-200Amp CT Embedded Energy Meter for avoiding the PT missing event 29/10/2018
Circular-Guidelines for observing electrical safety and reduction in Accidents thereof 24/08/2018
Circular- Utilization of existing installed ABT meter (SEM) as Net meter for Soalar rooftop projects 26/04/2018
Circular- Guidelines regarding Metering in respect of HT/EHV consumers 16/04/2018
Circular reagarding guidelines for keeping spare metering CTs and PTs in r/o EHV consumers/Generators 20/01/2018
Implementation of revised energy performance standard for Distribution Transformers up to 2500 KVA rating 28/04/2017
Guidelines for ensuring separate earthing of solar roof-top PV project and safety thereof 03/08/2016

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