काळी सूचीबद्ध पुरवठादार

Sr.No. Title File
          5 Debarring the firm M/s. Epitrans Switchgear Pvt. Ltd., MIDC, Ambad, Nashik for supply of Indoor & Outdoor CT, PT & Metering cubicle & business dealing with MSEDCL
          4 Debarring of M/s. ICI Transformers, Jaipur for supply of inferior quality distribution transformers against various orders placed by MSEDCL
          3 Blacklisting/Debarring agency M/s Tade Powertech Pvt Ltd, Sangli for 03 years
          2 Blacklisting/Debarring agency M/S Sunrise Enterprises for 05 years
          1 Debarring from business dealing with MSEDCL & removal from list of registered vendors of MSEDCL’s e-tendering system of M/s Ashlesha Power Controls Pvt. Ltd, Akola for period of three years