Pre-bid queries response for Tender for Supplying Enterprise Email Solution to MSEDCL for the period of 3 years

E-Tender Notice for the 1. Hiring of vehicle for CCCM Sub Division Office Gadchiroli, Dist. Gadchiroli and 2. Hiring of vehicle for CCCM Sub-Division Office Gondia, Dist. Gondia – 3rd CALL

E-Tender notice for renovation and civil maintenance work of HR section, Zone Office at Vidyut Bhavan premises, Katol Road, Nagpur & Maintenance of Type IV (E) staff quarter to accommodate Saoner S/Dn office and DC office in the premises of 33 kV s/stn Saoner, Tq. Saoner, Dist. Nagpur

Departmental vehicle auction circular to be done among departmental staff of MSEDCL, MSETCL, MSPGCL & MSEB holding company

E-Tender Notice for the 1. Civil maintenance works of DC office at Wardhman Nagar S/stn, 2. Water proofing and other civil maintenance works at Itwari Sd office, 3 Civil maintenance works of Rambagh DC office, 4. Providing shed and Various civil maintenance works of DC office at 11 KV Shanti nagar S/stn, 5. Urgent fabrication works at 11KV Empress city s/stn, 6. Providing toilet and other maintenance works at Urban Testing division office Gaddigodam, 7. Painting, metal spreading and various civil maintenance works at 11 KV s/Stn Mankapur Dist. Nagpur

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