Corrigendum for Bid submission date T 65 Bandra Civil Division

Corrigendum to tender EEC/BND/TECH/T-67/2019-20 floated under Civil Division Bandra

Corrigendum for T 65 bid extension dates tender floated under Bandra Civil Division

Corrigendum-4 to Tender No. MSEDCL/RE/2019/500 MW/Wind/T-66 dated 30.08.2019 for procurement of 500 MW power on long term basis from Grid connected inter-state and intra-state new projects or Existing intra – state projects with/without repowering whose EPA with MSEDCL is expired or intra-state projects with/without repowering having valid EPA at Feed in Tariff/Preferential tariff.

Corrigendum-1 to Tender No. CE/RE/2019/T-73 dated 19.09.2019 for Appointment of Consultant on Retainer-ship basis providing Consultancy Services to Renewable Energy & Power Purchase Section

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