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Tender No. MSEB/DYCE Gen.(TI&C) / Coal Washery/2005/T-02.

(In continuation of Expression of Interest published during first week of Sept. 2004)

Details of work : Supply of washed coal from washeries to be established or already established washeries  by interested parties on `BOO’ basis from WCL/SECL/MCL and SCCL area on FOR basis to Thermal Power Stations of MSEB.

Period of contract  -     5 years

Estimated quantity –    18.00  MMT Per Year of Raw Coal.


The participants of “Expression of Interest” and those who are interested in establishing washery on “BOO” basis or ready to dedicate existing washery on ‘BOO’ basis for MSEB at WCL, SECL, MCL & SCCL shall submit the following information with documentary evidence while participating in the tender.

1.1       Proof of Financial Soundness – supported by IT returns submitted for preceding consecutive three year (2001-2002, 2002-2003 & 2003-2004).

1.2     Proof of land acquisition in the specific areas of coal companies mentioned in “EOI”, where party is intending to construct the washery.

a)                 Map of location.

b)                 Land acquisition Certificate (lease/purchase document).

c)                  Proof of Land Revenue document i.e. 7/12.

d)                 Proof of registry of acquired land.


Proposal for acquiring the Land for establishing washery on “BOO” basis.

Preference shall be given to that tenderer who will possess the land in the land record in his name or existing washery of requisite capacity with declaration to dedicate to MSEB on ‘BOO’ basis.

1.3     Experience in the relevant field of coal washery operation/ coal business with documentary proof.

1.4      Details of proposed technology for non-coking coal washery along with capacity of equipment. Flowsheet and Schematic diagram and cost thereof along with washery capacity MMTPA.

Technology of washery :

Tenderer proposing to establish washery on “BOO” basis using Jig, Heavy media or dense media, FBC (Fluidised Bed Classifier) or similar technology having experience in operating washery for core/non-core sector prior to date of bid of opening will be given weightage.

Tenderer proposing the dry beneficiation of coal shall not be considered.

1.5      Collaboration with technical know how or Joint Venture (JV) if any for above.

1.6      EMP (Environment Management Plan).

1.7      Logistic arrangement at siding.

a)                 For evacuation of Raw coal.

b)                 For delivery of washed coal.

1.8      Detailed information regarding weighment arrangement at washery as well as proposed railway siding.

1.9     Tenderer should not have/had any criminal proceedings within India against the partner(s)/Director(s)/employee(s) of the Company on account of supplies or handling of coal to any organization within the country during the past five (5) years.

The tenderer shall give an affidavit to the effect that, “There is no criminal proceedings within India against the partner(s)/Director(s)/employee(s) of the Company and/or they are not convicted by the competent Court in India, on account of supplies or handling of coal to any organization within the Country during the past five(5) years”.  The affidavit must be affirmed before the competent judicial authority or duly notarized by the Notary.

NOTE :-  Above qualifying requirements are to be read in totality and not in isolation.  All relevant documents should be submitted along with the Tender, failing which, the Tender shall be rejected.


Publishing of NIT in newspapers. : between 1/2/2005 to 5/2/2005.
Commencement of sale of Bidding Documents : 08.02.2005
End of sale of bidding documents : 07.03.2005
Pre bid meeting.  : 22.03.2005
End of Bid submission. : 28.03.2005
Date & Time for Opening of Technical Bid : 30.03.2005 At 15.00 Hrs.
Opening of price bid to the qualified bidders. : will be intimated separately toTech.Qualified bidders.


3.1 A complete set of bidding documents (Tender Specification) may be purchased by the eligible Bidders on submission of a written application to the Dy. Chief Engineer (Gen.TI&C) MSEB, Vidyut Bhavan, Katol Road, Nagpur, on all working days during office hours from  8th Feb. 2005 onwards till 1700 Hrs. dtd. 7th March, 2005 upon payment of non-refundable document fee of Indian Rs.25,000/- (Rs. Twenty Five thousand only) by hand delivery OR Rs. 25,450/- (Rs. Twenty five thousand four hundred fifty only) by post.  The amount to be remitted either by cash or crossed Demand Draft in favour of Superintending Engineer (Gen.Coal), MSEB, Nagpur-13  and payable at Nagpur.  On furnishing the money receipt to the Dy. C.E.(T.I&C) MSEB., Nagpur  with a request for bid documents giving the complete postal address & Fax No. of the Bidder, the tender documents shall be issued.   

3.2 MSEB shall not be responsible for any misplacement or late receipt of bid documents to the Bidder if sent through Post.

4.0 EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT :- The tenderers will have to pay Rs. 15 Lakhs for washery capacity of one Million MT. or in multiples of Rs. 15 Lakhs per Million Metric Tonnes washery capacity or part thereof, as EMD for each location/source i.e. SECL/MCL/WCL/SCCL from where the tenderer proposed to supply washed coal in the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favour of Superintending Engineer (Gen.Coal), MSEB., Nagpur.  The tenderer can quote for one or more than one location/source.  The covering letter shall invariably contain the information giving the reference of the EMD and the location from where they propose to supply washed coal.

5.0  MSEB reserves the right to cancel/withdraw the invitation for Bids without assigning any reason.

6.0 Officers for Contact –  

(1) Dy.Chief Engineer (Gen.TI&C), MSEB,
     Vidhyut Bhavan, Katol Road, Nagpur- 440013 (M.S.)
      PH.:-  0712-2592374 (P), 2591096 (O)  Fax  0712- 2591717

(2)   Superintending Engineer (Gen.),
Coal Procurement Unit, MSEB,
Vidyut Bhavan, Katol Road,
Nagpur-440 013 (M.S.)
PH:- 2591096 (P), 2591151 (O), 2591701 (O), Fax 0712-2591717.

7.0 Interested bidders are invited to participate in the competitive bidding.




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