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Expression of Interest:

The Maharashtra State Electricity Board invites Expression of interest for selecting technology provider for Automatic Meter Reading System to its various high end metering points on TURN KEY basis ( @ 20000 metering points) across the state.

Scope Of The Work :

Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance for three years of The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System technology for remote data collection from static intelligent meters, Analysis and Management System and Integrate the same with a StateOf-TheArt Billing system for HT consumers, Loss Calculation and Energy Accounting for EHV Tie Lines & DTC meters (in Industrial Area) installed in MSEB.

This system shall consists of all static polyphase energy meters with GSM/PSTN/CDMA modems for data communication from these remote meters to the Central Control System hosted on necessary server hardware and a sophisticated integrated software solution for electricity utilities.

As such following meters are targeted.

I)        All HT consumers are to be automatically read. There are total 9176 (As on Sept.04) HT consumers in the state under MSEB.

II) All EHV substations (66 KV and above) & Tie Lines, windmill meters and DTC meters in Industrial Area identified by MSEB.

Total: Around 20,000 Meters.

The software network License system will be installed at respective Zone and Head office. The Dedicated server, workstation, modem and phone lines will be installed at all locations. The data collection, validation and export will be performed locally. However, MSEB will consider using existing LAN/WAN infrastructure to communicate between the offices and back-up meter data information to zonal office.

In the configuration / setup, each network site has a server which holds both the database as well as Web database. The database controls both the meter and meter data information while Web database metering data is for the end customers.
The Main server and workstation are dedicated hardware for meter data collection. They are the production system and shall be installed in server environment with proper protections. The workstations will dial the meters, validate and estimate the metering data and export these data if require. Also the workstation can automatically export validated data into web database and ready for external customers access.
Since meter readings are considered critical, disc mirroring or similar approach shall be used to provide redundancy. Secondary storage media such as magnetic tapes shall also be provided. Automatic back up to tape of meter readings that on month old is preferred but a user- friendly interface to do manual backup is acceptable. In the design of the system, a strategy shall be used such that any failure of the communication front- end serving a group of meters (with the communication media still in tact) will not disable the system from retrieving the same group.

In case meter locations have no telecommunication facility being located in remote areas with no nearby public telephone landlines, the supplier shall propose different approaches to the problem.

The required configuration of software and Hardware for entire networks licensees will be installed at H.O.Prakashgad and Pune. The each network configuration will be designed for all the meters installed at HT consumers and EHV/DTC meters at a 6 hour time window.

For web server, the available data to customer will be up to three months. New and powerful database are required to support more data and customers in future.

Each network system will consist of :

1) One main server, which host server data, web data.

2) One web server, which will be installed in Central Control Station.

3) Dedicated workstation for dialing validation and export.

4) Required PSTN telephone lines will be installed for dialing.

The scope also incorporates the built-in facility in the system for all technology requirements such as energy data management for energy trading/forecasting, CRM, MIS, OMS, WMS, SCADA interface etc. The system shall also be interfaced with MSEBs existing Financial Energy Management Systems (FEMS).

Who Can Apply?

1)     The supplier Indian Or Foreign , who is manufacturer of Automatic Meter Reading Technology for commercial and industrial meter data collection and management.

2)     In case of supplier, which can be a Partnership, Joint Venture or Consortium of companies, at least, one member of the Partnership/JV/Consortium , should be a manufacturer. meeting the qualifying criteria required for manufacturer , of AMR technology for Commercial and Industrial Meter data collection and management.

(Manufacturer of Technology means who has developed in house multi vendor, multitasking and fully integrated, automated Automatic Meter Reading and energy Data management System and commissioned successfully )

The following terms and conditions and all which follows further in Qualifying criteria given below and given in technical specifications are mandatory; any deviation shall be treated as non-responsive.

Terms and conditions :

1)     Any member of the Partnership/JV/Consortium can be leader of the team.

2)     While applying for the EOI; the lead member should submit the authorization from its manufacturer of technology and he (manufacturer ) should be compulsorily member of the partnership/JV/consortium to ensure the seriousness and sustainability of the entire project. Any manufacturer can be a member of only one Partnership/JV/Consortium.

3)     Any supplier who is not a manufacturer or whose any of the team member is not a manufacturer; shall not be entitled to submit its EOI. In that case his bidding will be treated as non responsive and shall be rejected outright.

4)     The average combined annual turn over for last three years should not be less 10 crore rupees.

5)     The technology should be state of art flexible, innovative and should be extensively automated. i.e. there should be minimum human intervention required in meter data collection and validation and processing.

6)     The technology should be third party, integrated , multi vendor ( can be able to integrate any make of the meter; should have enough experience on the same ) and of multitasking for meter data management from data collection up to billing.

7)     The technology provider/ bidder, if selected, will design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and operate and maintain for Three years the Automatic Meter Reading System for all HT Electronic Intelligent Meters proposed by MSEB. Therefore a bidder should take care of its OPEX during the said period while submitting his offer accompanying terms for payment for OPEX. No other extra claims towards any commercial demands shall be entertained thereinafter during the period of Three years.

8)     The bidder should fulfill all qualifying criteria prescribed in the documents. Any deviation from the same shall be treated as non responsive.

9)     The bidder shall submit EMD (refundable) Rs.100000 ( Rs. One Lakh ) or USD 2500 ( USD Two Thousand Five Hundred ) in one envelope and Document processing fee ( Non- refundable) Rs. 15000 /- ( Rs. Fifteen Thousand ) or USD 375 ( USD Three seventy five ) in another envelope. Both the Demand Drafts shall be in favour of MSEB, Mumbai and submitted alongwith EOI.

Qualifying Criteria :

1)     The bidder / supplier should have supplied its technology as per technical specifications for meter data Collection capabilities to at least 10  power utilities world wide. Bidder must submit the documentory evidence for the same and MSEB at its discretion will conduct reference checks at the time of evaluation.

2) Considering the everchanging IT environment across the world,the AMR technology to be supplied for C&I  meters,should be time tested.To ensure that it is mandatory that the multivendor,multitasking meter data collection technology, to be supplied by the bidder, should be operational in the field for minimum 10 yrs (Ten years). Bidder must submit the documentory evidence for the same and MSEB at its discretion will conduct reference checks at the time of evaluation. 

3)     It should be an Integrated and extensively automatic. Capable of collecting and processing half hour interval meter data from minimum 20000 meters in single session using multiple interrogation communication methods daily; with most quickest time once installed in the field. The system should be capable of accepting input from SCADA/PLC/DCS and manual inputs when required. It should offer XML/API service layer to access to all data and computational functions by external system instead of conventional batch based file transfer. No addition or changes shall be entertained therein after in the system and will not be entitled for any price escalation. Supplier should submit necessary documentary evidence towards the same.

4)     To ensure the multi-vendor capability of the technology, it is mandatory that, it should be capable of reading at least 20 different makes of energy meters with 20 different energy meter protocols. The necessary documentary evidence should be submitted accordingly.

The programme is reschedule as under :

a)     Required technical specification and bid documents shall be made available on web site 01.02.2005 onwards.

b) Prebid meeting shall be held on 16.02.2005 at 11.00 hrs.

c)      Interested bidder should submit their EOI alongwith proof of having fulfilled the required criteria, in a sealed envelope and two envelopes of Demand Drafts on 18.03.2005 upto 17.00 hrs..

d)     After evaluation of EOI by MSEB successful bidders will be called on for submission of commercial offer 11.04.2005 upto 15.00 P.M.

e)       Opening of bid - 11.04.2005 upto 17.00 P.M.

f) All the correspondence in this regard shall be addressed to

The Technical Director ( Dist-IR)
M.S.E.B. 4th Floor, Prakashgad ,
Station Road, Bandra ( E),Mumbai- 400 051.




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