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Issues Requiring Assistance of MSEB Officials

1) 'Change of name' appearing on the 'energy bill' -

Change is effected/required if -

a)   Ownership is changed.
b)   Death of a person in whose name connection stands.

Contact local Sub-Division office (Billing unit). Fill in prescribed X, Y or Z forms as required on which signatures of incoming & outgoing consumers are required. Z form is required to be accompanied with a 'death certificate'

2) Increase in the connected load -

This is necessary because of addition of new machines/gadgets or extension of premises with new electrical wiring.

Local section/sub-division office may be contacted, wherein new 'A form' giving details of extra load required is to be submitted with copy of the latest paid energy bill.

After site visit & load survey, Firm quotation for payment of SLC, Service connection charges, Security deposit would be issued.

On payment of aforesaid amount and submission of 'Test report' of new wiring/gadgets the permission would be granted to use the extra load, after checking and if required replacing existing service wires, meters, etc; by MSEB local officials.

3) Shifting of service line to new-premises -

This is required normally when there is

a)   Change in the premises from existing to new location
b)   After applying technical feasibility at new location would be examined and an payment of required
      charges through Firm quotation service line & meter would be shifted to new premises.

4) Permanently disconnecting the service line/meter

On applying one month in advance the power supply can be permanently disconnected and meter/wires from the premises shall be removed.

Before doing so all dues would be recovered which include minimum bill as per tariff for the unexpired period of the agreement ( Initial period of the agreement is 2 years after which it is applicable from year to year basis.



To get correct reply to the various billing enquiries, consumers are requested to get in touch with sub-divisional /divisional officer in charge of 'billing unit' for the area.

In Rural area - Each Sub-Division is Billing unit
    Urban area - Each Division is Billing unit
    (Thane, Pune, Bhandup, Washi, Nagpur, etc)

1) Receipt of 'First bill' after availing new connection -

- The 'first bill' is normally received after a period of 3 to 4 months after availing new connection. In case any delay or query the new consumers may contact the sub-divisional office of the area preferably with details of meter, reading, payment receipts to get immediate response.

2) 'BILL' on 'average consumption' basis -

- Bills are issued as per 'meter-reading'. However on following occasions bills are prepared & issued based on average consumption of past period.

a)   If the premises/meter is 'lock'
b)   If the premises/meter is not accessible for any reason
c)   If the meter is charged and details of new meter are not reflected in the bill
d)   If the meter is 'faulty' (i.e., not working)
e)   If the meter reader could not take the reading.

Such bills based on average consumption are adjusted in the next bill, whenever actual meter reading is available.

Consumers are advised to get in touch with Local Billing Unit/Subdivision office of MSEB alongwith details of meter, reading and last paid bill, so that corrective actions could be taken immediately.

3) Non-Receipt of Bill -

Bills are issued areawise in a cyclic manner, so that period of bill i.e., Bimonthly/ Quarterly is not disturbed. Normally bills are received prior to last due date of payment. In case bills are not received, consumers are requested to contact local office. A facility to get duplicate copy of the bill is available.

4) How & where to make payment of bills -

Bills may be paid in cash/cheque (local bank) at Board's own cash collection centres or authorised Banks or credit societies, against valid receipts of MSEB. Consumers are requested not to pay/handover the money to any unauthorised person.



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